Clear stadium bag

  • Connector.

    More room for your items

    Larger main compartment

  • Connector.

    Wide & Adjustable Strap

    Extra comfort. Wear it as a cross-body or shoulder bag

  • Connector.

    Larger Front Pocket

    Easy access for small items

  • Connector.

    Durable front flap

    HoldsĀ its shape and doesn’t bend

Where to use it

This multipurpose clear shoulder bag allows you to effortlessly and securely carry everything you need along with you for some carefree time.

360 Design Box Clear Cross-Body Messenger Shoulder Bag is designed especially for going to your favorite sporting events, work, casinos or places that require thorough security checks.

This clear stadium bag is NFL & PGA compliant and can serve other purposes such as going to the beach or gym, carrying lunch boxes and even to store your toiletry. Perfect for men and women.


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